The company was first established in 2007. Since 1971, it has been continuing and expanding the program of both the Šepič d.o.o. firm and the Šepič family, who owns the company.

1978 marked a new, important decision that remains a landmark of the company to this day – the purchase of a machine for cutting polyurethane foam. This also represented a turning point in the design-transformation of our business.
The basis of our company is PU foam cutting. From simple products used as fillers in the furniture industry (manufacturing of sofas and chairs), we eventually developed processes in our team from PU foam cutting to 3D cutting using robot cells.

The beginnings of the production of rear seats (PU fillers) for the automotive industry date back to 1997. We took on a program of manufacturing rear seats for VW Polo. Since then, we have been manufacturing rear seats for VW, Porsche and Fiat. Additionally, Daimler and Audi are our customers when it comes to the wire program.

Our company is establishing itself as a niche supplier in the automotive industry, namely in the field of small components for seat covers and in the design and cutting of materials (non-woven textiles - technical flexible materials, PU foam and technical foam) in the car interior.
The knowledge we have gained from projects offered a foundation for the company's specialization in the automotive industry. Today, this represents the basis for the company’s management and technical knowledge in the field of "flexible materials", which is one of the pillars of our business.

The second pillar of the company, "wire production", was created in 2002 due to the demands or rather problems of the partner of the Šepič family at that time. This marked our business path in the automotive industry. The cooperation ended with the dissolution of the group and also of the company Šepič d.o.o.

The answer to this situation was the establishment of the company Patis d.o.o., which took over a part of the programs (the main one among them was the wire program) and also some employees.

In the new company, we hired the main staff for all essential areas (technical knowledge, main production process management, quality assurance and sales department).



In our "wire production" program, we make wires intended for attaching seat covers to the seat frame (foam filler). We are extremely specialized in the aforementioned program of steel wires, which are 1.25 mm to 3.00 mm thick. Through process development and continuous improvements, as well as by developing our own "know-how" expertise, we are achieving good results and gaining new customers in our target markets.

The success and development of our company show that we have the right values and principles. All of our employees strive towards honesty and credibility. We adhere to moral and legal principles.

Adhering to ethics strengthens our relationships with customers, employees and suppliers; by respecting these principles, we strengthen the good name of the company and thus meet everyone’s expectations. To us, values and ethical principles constitute the respectful and responsible treatment of others.

Such principles and values allow us to acquire and retain only the best employees; consequently, they, customers and suppliers are satisfied.

Only consistent respect of values and principles and adhering to values such as the following ones contributes to further development of the company: respect for human rights as well as for the integrity and independence of the individual, preventing discrimination, being socially and environmentally conscientious, prohibiting child labour, protecting young workers and disabling abuse of power.

Compliance with the company's vision and policy is the foundation for achieving goals.
Additionally, the company's management provides social and sporting activities for the employees, for example by purchasing bicycles and by organizing trips. It also supports local fire brigades.

Why choose us?


Through our development and constant improvements
as well as with our own know-how,
we introduce many innovative ideas.


We strive to provide
a pleasant environment
and atmosphere
among our employees,
neighbours and the environment.


The company is aware how important continuous
improvement is,
so we provide both internal
and external education
to our employees.


Through systematic work
in the field of quality assurance,
we have obtained quality certifications in accordance with the automotive industry.


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