We can offer you customized shapes of various materials such as non-woven fabrics, foam and similar materials. We have several different machines for cutting/stamping these materials, which we choose according to the size of the item.

The largest tool that can be used can be up to 2700 x 2700 mm in size.

We also offer several smaller machines on which we can use tools up to 1200 x 1000 mm in size. Contact us for more detail.


Foam cutting

We offer you foam cutting depending on the shape or size of the foam.
We use two Baümer CNC machines to cut foam by shape. The largest dimensions of the blocks that can be processed are 2100 x 2600 x 1250 mm.

For cutting blocks of foam or for other minor processing, we use the vertical Fecken Kirfel V51 saw with which we can process materials up to 4000 X 3000 X 1320 mm in size.

For cutting various materials by thickness such as technical foams (PPE, EVA, EPDM, PU, etc.), we can boast one of only a few specialized H24G automated saws manufactured by Fecken Kirfel, which also enables automatic removal and stacking onto a pallet.

With the Fecken Kirfel H24G horizontal saw, materials can be cut to a thickness of 1 mm to 50 mm from a block of material measuring 3000 x 1500 x 1100 mm and without automatic removal. However, automatic removal can still be used for cutting materials from a block measuring 2500 x 1500 x 1100 mm.

Waterjet cutting

We use a Knuth machine for waterjet cutting of technical foams, to which an abrasive for cutting other materials is also attached.
In 2D cutting, we are limited to materials which are up to 3000 x 2000 mm in size.

Technical foams are cut without the use of abrasive material up to a pressure of 3200 bar, in order to avoid abrasive residues on items that can be used in further installation.

Why choose us?


Through our development and constant improvements
as well as with our own know-how,
we introduce many innovative ideas.


We strive to provide
a pleasant environment
and atmosphere
among our employees,
neighbours and the environment.


The company is aware how important continuous
improvement is,
so we provide both internal
and external education
to our employees.


Through systematic work
in the field of quality assurance,
we have obtained quality certifications in accordance with the automotive industry.


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