In 2010, we acquired a lamination machine and thus set off on an independent path of lamination in various fields, most notably in the automotive industry (projects for VW, Daimler, Audi, Škoda), the furniture industry and construction. We also laminate other various materials.

Such as:
  • woven and non-woven fabrics
  • leather,
  • foam.
This lamination process is also known as dry or clear lamination. Thus, we meet today’s growing requirement to stay environmentally friendly, reduce waste and reduce VOC emissions.
We continue to perfect our lamination skills; mapping self-adhesive foils onto non-woven materials, laminating foam with films and various meshes for breathable coatings.

The materials we use are high-quality polymers that allow lower application weight but provide the same results.

This refers to coatings that come in the form of meshes, WEBs and FILMs; they are very flexible, breathable and soft.

Of course, the advantage is that they are even throughout the entire surface, which makes the lamination process much better.

In addition to the already mentioned materials, we also use different powders for laminating - combining different materials into one set (unit).

These are very compatible with a wide spectrum of materials but also adhere to VOC regulations and follow the standards regarding emissions.

By acquiring a laminating machine, we set off on the path of independent foam-lamination. The arrival of a new machine in June 2021 represents an upgrade to our company.


Why choose us?


Through our development and constant improvements as well as with our own know-how, we introduce many innovative ideas.


We strive to provide a pleasant environment and atmosphere among our employees, neighbours and the environment.


The company is aware how important continuous improvement is, so we provide both internal and external education to our employees.


Through systematic work
in the field of quality assurance,
we have obtained quality certifications in accordance with the automotive industry.


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