In our wire program, we deal with wire bending and wire sheathing for the automotive industry. Galvanized and non-galvanized steel wire in the range of 1.25 to 3 mm in diameter is used, depending on its purpose.
Most of these wires are built into the seat cover for the purposes and support of the cover design, as well as in order to attach the cover onto the seat itself. The advantage of wires is also that they are suitable for heavier, stronger materials such as leather and thus better hold the shape of the cover.

The second group of wires, especially those with a smaller diameter, is used in coverings for airbag systems.

  Non-galvanized wire is coated in PA 12 in accordance with the requirements of automotive industry customers.

This is used in seat covers in accompaniment with the design, but the cladding also prevents noise or volume that is generated from the contact between two metals.


We use machines from renowned German manufacturers to shape wires.

In cooperation with external contractors, we ourselves have also manufactured several machines that are made to shape wires. This gives us a competitive advantage as we can quickly implement minor changes in shapes.

Thus, our products have been installed into vehicles of major European brands for many years.


Why choose us?


Through our development and constant improvements
as well as with our own know-how,
we introduce many innovative ideas.


We strive to provide
a pleasant environment
and atmosphere
among our employees,
neighbours and the environment.


The company is aware how important continuous
improvement is,
so we provide both internal
and external education
to our employees.


Through systematic work
in the field of quality assurance,
we have obtained quality certifications in accordance with the automotive industry.


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